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"Cosmetic dentistry" implies that procedures are done only for the sake of appearance. We prefer the term aesthetic dentistry; this reflects the idea that form follows function. Teeth are elegant structures, formed with specific purposes. When the function of teeth is optimized, appearance improves as well. Cosmetic procedures done without an eye for function and preservation will not last. We are experts in determining what will work for you and your unique situation. It is our mission to provide you with a smile you can be proud of that will last a lifetime. All the pictures in our smile gallery are actual cases done by Dr. Grote in our office.

One Day Smile Makeover

This woman wanted to improve the appearance of her teeth and chew properly. She had cavities, tooth wear, and teeth with advanced gum disease. In one day, she was able to have a temporary bridge to replace her lower teeth and bonding to repair her upper teeth. After complete healing a permanent bridge will be placed.

After One Day Smile Makeover
Before One Day Smile Makeover

Detail 1
Detail 2

Detail 3

Same Day Crowns

We offer the convenience of having your permanent crown done in one day while you wait. In the past, a tooth like this would need a temporary crown for two weeks that might not match well and may not stay in place predictably. In our office, a tooth like this is no longer a disaster. We can fabricate a life-like, long-lasting crown in less than three hours. This patient was smiling and chewing confidently just a few hours after what seemed like a catastrophic broken tooth.

Broken Tooth Disaster
Pick Shade for Crown

Placed 2 Hours Later
Permanently Installed

Life Like Porcelain

In the last 15 years, the art and science of dental porcelain has changed dramatically. Gone are the crowns made with a combination of metal and porcelain. These crowns, though an improvement over yellow gold, had problems with discolored edges along the gumline and zero light transmission to mimic the bright, natural appearance of teeth. The advances in material science have made it possible to make teeth with crowns look like natural enamel and the underlying tooth structure. These photos show the difference between the previous generation of materials and what we can offer today.

Old technology, not lifelike
Shade determination for new crowns

Temporary crowns placed day of treatment
Permanent crowns in place for two months

Natural teeth for comparison

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